Cambodia History

Cambodia is a country in southeast Asia. It is known for it’s beautiful jungles and amazing temples such as Angkor Wat. The problem for this is that there has been many recent conflicts such as the Cambodian Civil War and the Occupation of the Khmer Rouge. These events have left the country crippled. The reason why we must help Cambodia is because Cambodia had a huge civil war during 1970 to 1975. Immediately after the end of the civil war, a regime called the Khmer Rouge came into ruled Cambodia from 1975-1979. The leader of the group was Pol Pot. The regime plan was to change Cambodia. They killed the rich, educated, and nonbelievers. Then they forced the people of Cambodia to work like slaves. The conditions were terrible. It was like a prison camp. Many of the workers died from starvation and diseases. Finally on December 1978 the Vietnamese started to invade Cambodia. In the end, 1/8 of Cambodia’s population was exterminated.


After the occupation, Cambodia was ripped apart.We now know that the arrested victims were tortured to death. Killing fields are numbers of sights in Cambodia were the large numbers of victims are buried. There are about 20,000 mass graves in Cambodia, which are the resting place of the 1,386,734 victims.


Watch to know more about Killing fields:

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